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Let's Get Personal about Designing Your Life in the Law with Bridgette Carr and Vivek Sankaran

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"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?" You may remember Bridgette Carr and Vivek Sankaran from our Mental Health Awareness Series last spring. Bridgette and Vivek are both clinical professors of law at the University of Michigan Law School where they teach a course called Designing a Fulfilling Life in the Law. Our conversation with Bridgette and Vivek last spring was one of our most popular episodes! So we decided to ask them back and try something different. In this episode, we flip the mic and let Bridgette and Vivek guide us through a few of the exercises that they use with their students and clients. We talk about what is important to us in life, what work means to us, what we see ourselves doing in the future, and what we would do if we could do anything.

Episode Notes

Are you interested in giving the LawView, LifeView, and Journey Mapping exercises a try? Head on over to our website to check out each of the exercises for yourself! 

Bridgette Carr is a Clinical Professor of Law and the Associate Dean for Strategic Initiatives at the University of Michigan Law School. She is also the founding director of the Law School’s Human Trafficking Clinic, the first clinical law program solely devoted to addressing this issue comprehensively. Bridgette is also a first generation college graduate who wasn’t sure law school was for her. She didn’t so a journal or apply for a clerkship, and instead spent her spare time during law school working at a local legal aid office and an asylum shelter. Despite now being an expert on human trafficking, Bridgette hadn’t heard of human trafficking work until after she graduated from law school.  

Vivek Sankaran is also a Clinical Professor of Law at the University of Michigan Law School. He directs both the Child Advocacy Law Clinic and the Child Welfare Appellate Clinic, through which law students represent children and parents in trials and appellate proceedings. He is also a father of three boys, he loves coaching youth sports, and he is learning to play the guitar. 

Connect with Bridgette on Twitter and on LinkedIn

Connect with Vivek on Twitter and on LinkedIn

Learn more about the Finding a Fulfilling Life in the Law Course designed and taught by Bridgette and Vivek at University of Michigan Law School. The course asks students to consider what they want out of life after law school and how they can create that life. The course applies innovative principles of problem solving to the concept of designing your life in and beyond law school. 

Bridgette and Vivek also recently launched an exciting new business—LawLifeProf Coaching—to help lawyers in practice build a toolbox for a fulfilling life. Learn more about Bridgette and Vivek's LawLifeProfs coaching business

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