Personal Jurisdiction

Let's Get Personal with Courtney Francik, Assistant Federal Public Defender, District of Maryland

Episode Summary

On Episode 8 of Personal Jurisdiction, we speak with Courtney Francik who discusses her career as a public defender at both the state and federal levels. Courtney shares her path from the state legislature to law school, the experiences in law school that helped her decide to pursue a career in public defense, and the triumphs and challenges she has experienced throughout her career.

Episode Notes

Courtney Francik is a graduate of Harvard College (2011) and the George Washington University Law School (2015). She is currently an Assistant Federal Public Defender in Baltimore, Maryland. On the state side, Courtney was an Assistant Public Defender first in the Law Office of the Shelby County Public Defender in Memphis, Tennessee from 2015-2018, and later in the Maryland Office of the Public Defender from 2018-2019. 

As a student at GW Law, Courtney worked in the Neighborhood Policy and Law Clinic. Learn more about GW Law's clinics here: 

Courtney discussed the cash bail system. Learn more about this important topic below:

We're sure that you can tell that Courtney was a very prepared podcast guest. Preparation is key to everything! Below are a few articles about the importance of preparation:

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